About the website owner and producer

This website domain and its contents are the copyright of A Step Ahead S.L.

Our office address is: Plaza Mayor 16, Baraguás, 22714 Huesca, Spain.

Company history

A Step Ahead S.L. was incorporated in Spain as a Sociedad Limitida (mercantile society equivalent to a limited company) on 9th June 2009 in Jaca, Spain, by directors Justin Bell and Gillian Lyons. A Step Ahead is bound by the laws of Spain.

The company’s financial identification number (CIF / VAT) is B22347983.

Official approval as a travel agency (minorista)

On 16th June 2010 A Step Ahead S.L. received its unique official Aragon . This means that it is recognised as a travel agent and was given approval to operate by the Government of the Community of Aragon.

A Step Ahead S.L. is a licensed travel agency (minorista). Our travel agent’s licence number –  C.A.A. 230 was issued by the Community of Aragon.  In reality our business is akin to an outbound and inbound tour operator, which our license allows.

Your security when making a booking with us

In order to achieve and keep the Travel Agent’s license various requirements have to be met, including –

  • the placement of a surety bond of € 60,000 which is held in trust by a bank. This protects the consumer against any failure of the agency to provide contracted services. In this case any decision to use the bond is subject to the courts of Aragon or agreed arbitration and is not determined by the travel agency.
  • insurance to cover any business operating liability, including indirect or secondary liabilities, and liability for damage to property, personal injury, and financial responsibility. A Step Ahead is insured by AXA Seguros Generales, SA of Calle Monseñor Palmer 1, 07014 Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Please note that this covers the company, and does not cover any individual booked on a journey with A Step Ahead for any liabilities.

Terms & Conditions

For your reference our general Terms & Conditions are posted in the Resources area of this website. This is useful to read when we send you a sample itinerary and cost, however before you accept a trip in addition to sending you a copy of the Terms and Conditions, we will also send you a Booking Form and Contract. When you make a booking by paying a deposit for a trip, you are deemed to have read and understood these documents.


Please note that although we are insured to operate, you are NOT insured for any eventualities that could occur when on a journey with us. You are not covered for the cancellation or postponement of your journey should an prior event (such as act of terrorism or environmental disaster in the country of destination, or a family member dying or becoming seriously ill at home for example). Neither are you covered for a delay or the consequences of missing or cancellation of a flight, nor for any health problem, accident or emergency evacuation should you require that while on a journey booked by us.

We strongly recommend that you insure yourself and any other participants traveling with you against these possibilities.

We are a member of the African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA)  one of the most respected organisations promoting travel to Africa based in London (England).

Your rights to privacy

  • Your right to privacy is of utmost importance to us, both in the planning stages and while actually on a trip with us.
  • In order to book a journey with us we naturally require certain private information (such as your name, address, date of birth, nationality, passport number, preferences, email address, dietary requirements, certain relevant health information etc), which we keep on record.  You may have provided us with this information by on-line forms on our websites, or by completing a paper or digital form sent to you by us.
  • This information is held strictly in confidence and we will only provide relevant bits of this information to specific sub-contracted operators, hoteliers or travel service providers if that is absolutely necessary in order for them to carry out their tasks safely on your trip with us.
  • Upon providing us with this information you are deemed to have permitted and authorized A Step Ahead S.L., and any other operators, hoteliers or travel service providers with whom we have deemed it necessary to share this information, and to use this information to enable us to safely and efficiently carry out your trip.
  • At any time you have a right to request, view, correct, deny or delete the information that we have concerning you in our records.
  • Any data you have given us will be kept on our records in compliance with the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de Diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal) of Spain.  A translated document explaining aspects of this law is available here. 
  • We inform you that if you have provided us with your email or postal address contacts, you are deemed to have permitted us to subscribe you to our mailing list, to which you at any time have the right to be unsubscribed. This is facilitated by a link at the bottom of any of our mailing lists. Alternatively you may contact us by phone or email   or use any of the other contacts listed on our websites or documents.
  • Aside from the minimum requirements by Spanish law, A Step Ahead S.L. guarantees that any personal data you may have provided us will be held securely in such a way as to minimize any risk of loss or alteration by third parties.