The Western Pyrenees – Basque and the Rioja wine regions

This region is generally more heavily populated than the central Pyrenees, and is extremely varied.

It features a rugged and spectacular coastline, hilly and steep, with green mountains (not as high as the Central Pyrenees), lush river valleys on both sides of the Spanish/French border, and the drier vineyards of Rioja further south.

Although very varied, what this area has in common is the flow of the varied and energetic Basque culture, permeating throughout the region, on both sides of the border.

Here you will also find small fishing ports, beaches frequented by surfers, numerous festivals and strange traditions, the contrast of rustic villages next door to an industrial town, outstanding cuisine, fashionable beach resorts such as Biarritz, San Jean de Luz and San Sebastian, and vibrant cultural and industrial centres, notably Bilbao, which also has a convenient airport with direct flights to London, Paris, Frankfurt and Brussels, as well as Barcelona and Madrid.

This area is ideal for anyone seeking contrast, culture and a vibrant energetic atmosphere!