Fly Camps

Fly camps are ideal for those who appreciate raw nature, and they prioritize experience over comfort. Unlike most lodges and many permanent tented camps, these are totally exclusive.

Fly camps vary from one to another. Some consist simply of mosquito-net tents, with in-built ground sheets, and bedrolls to sleep on (no cots). Often fly camps in the dry season do not have a mess tent, and dinner is enjoyed under the stars, usually with fine wines and an ice-stocked bar. Hot water is available on request and the bucket shower and dry-flush loos are sited in a secluded corner of camp, sometimes with wonderful views.

These are fantastic for a one or two night walking adventure in the bush, for a different experience, close to nature, for tales around the camp fire interrupted only by the nocturnal calls of the African bush – the whoops of hyaenas, a wheeze-honk of hippos, the peeping calls of water thick-knees (a nocturnal bird), or a distant roar of a lion. Often a stay in one of these is a highlight of a safari – and is especially so for kids.

Several fly camps we use are satellite camps supplied from a permanent camp or lodge. This means you can have one adventurous night out, while being based from the main camp or lodge.

Sometimes we design week long walking adventures in remote and wild places staying in camps like these because they are easily erected, dismantled and moved. If wildlife conditions change, we can usually adjust the itinerary with little extra cost to make the most of the changes.

Being located in areas where there is no tourist activity for months at a time, there are often very few tracks or roads, resulting in minimal disturbance to the environment. Since the camp is truly mobile, we leave no structures or even campfire ash when we depart. Nobody would know we were ever there!