Mozambique is on the south-east coast of Africa between Tanzania to its north and South Africa in the south. This huge country, for long a Portuguese colony, has some of the most stunning coastline in Africa, dotted with tropical islands and reefs full of ocean life.

For a long time Mozambique was at war, first with the Portuguese colonists, and then a civil war which lasted into the late 1990s. Since then the political situation has vastly improved, and some of the most beautiful and peaceful tropical islands are here. Gorongoza national park in the west is also recovering from years of war. Her you may see the largest populations of waterbuck and warthog you may ever see. Elephants, some lions and reedbuck are also seen. Each year the wildlife viewing here is better, a rare trend in modern Africa. Niassa game reserve in the far north is some of the wildest country you may find in Africa, and home to some legendary tuskers.

Mozambique and its picturesque beaches combine perfectly with a cultural and wine tour in South Africa, or a wildlife safari in Botswana.