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Tribute to Big Bird

If you have ever been to Greystoke Camp, hidden in the rainforest and nestled on the shores of giant Lake Tanganyika, your stay there…

The Monastery

The views change dramatically as we drive through the pass. We left the small hotel in Alquézar after breakfast, where buildings of brick and…

Mating lions

My younger daughter has been on safari several times. However, since she was two years old, when we moved to Spain, these experiences have…

Ebola outbreak

Ebola outbreak

We offer custom safaris in eastern and southern Africa. The recent outbreak of ebola in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia in West Africa has…

A Small Cat Hunts

The Land-cruiser stopped so that we could watch a group of chattering banded mongooses rushing across the track.

Every now and then one would stand on his hind legs and look around in case there was danger. While there one of us noticed a water monitor lizard lounging over an acacia branch above us. He seemed to have an ideal spot to enjoy a cool breeze, and we wouldn’t have noticed him if we hadn’t been parked underneath him. Then something flashed past the front of the Land-Cruiser, and a second later we heard the squealing of a distraught mongoose.