Rare species

On Rhinos

We came across a distinctive track in the dust. A large three-toed pad, unique in the African bush. They identify the presence of the…

A bark at sunset

We were in the Okavango Delta, on the edge of an island of woodland overlooking an open floodplain, sipping cocktails and enjoying the changing…

Watching the cheetah rest in the shade

A Learning Curve

One morning, while we were out in the Serengeti Plains looking for cheetah, we came across a solitary female who looked hungry and appeared…

The caracal

A Small Cat Hunts

The Land-cruiser stopped so that we could watch a group of chattering banded mongooses rushing across the track.

Every now and then one would stand on his hind legs and look around in case there was danger. While there one of us noticed a water monitor lizard lounging over an acacia branch above us. He seemed to have an ideal spot to enjoy a cool breeze, and we wouldn’t have noticed him if we hadn’t been parked underneath him. Then something flashed past the front of the Land-Cruiser, and a second later we heard the squealing of a distraught mongoose.