An Array of Unusual Critters

A safari is always exciting and the sightings that you have are always amazing, but once in a while you have a safari where the sightings are off the charts.

One recent such safari took place in The Serengeti National Park… We departed Arusha late morning, delaying our arrival into the Serengeti. As we approached camp just after the onset of dark, we came across a beautiful striped hyaena walking down the road. To my complete surprise, instead of running off, which is their usual reaction, this animal walked off the road and began foraging.

The next day we were to be surprised by two more special sightings, one of a serval cat hunting in the middle of the day.

And later in the afternoon we saw an African wildcat scurry away into the undergrowth, but not before he stopped to give us a glance.

The next wonderful sighting was that of a family of bat-eared fox, sleeping out next to their burrows. This little guy put his head up just to check that the coast was clear.