Dave features in the Wall Street Journal

Congratulations Dave!

The Wall Street Journal have just published an excellent article about Dave’s guiding skills and the amazing safari experience possible in Zimbabwe.

According to writer Tim Downey, who was on safari in Zimbabwe with Dave in June :

“During eight days in the bush we’ve spotted lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino and, apart from the leopard, all on foot and at close range. On other safaris, my visual memories were, essentially, not unlike what you might find in any guidebook. Here in Zimbabwe, what I’m left with are vivid scenes of interacting with the animals—plotting how to find them, staying safe as we track, approaching them undetected. And then, finally, earning a moment.”

Wall Street Journal article Sept 2012

I couldn’t describe a Zimbabwe safari with Dave better.

Our lives amount to a collection of experiences. We treasure the good ones, or ones that have a huge impact on us, process and store away the bad ones, and the rest fades into a fuzz, which is forgotten, or erased from our memories for ever.

What is wonderful about any great adventure are these memories, and few journeys can surpass an African safari in this sense.

Zimbabwe is known for its rigorous guide training program. Walking guides are trained with safety always in mind, for a pursuit (a foot safari in Africa) that naturally is more exposed than being in a vehicle (called “game driving”).

Safety is achieved by the high level of training, long apprenticeship period, by the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority allowing these professionals the freedom to carry their own weapon, and allowing them to walk in these wild areas as much as they want. Most Zimbabwean guides walk in the bush during their holidays, when they have a few days off, as well as when they are with their clients, giving them more “bush walking hours” (like an airline pilot clocking flying time).

The benefit of this is the unsurpassed experience they can offer their clients…. being on foot, close to wild African game.

Dave on a bush walkA foot safari is obviously not for everyone (such as many first timers, children, people who have limited mobility, or people who get plenty of excitement being on a game driving safari and don’t need any more adrenalin), but for those who seek life experiences, memories while on these safaris will almost definitely be some of the greatest they ever have.

And who better to have guiding you than Dave!

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