Moru Magic

Elelphant bull chasing a cow
.....males have to do all the running!

When we arrived at Moru Kopjes in the Serengeti national Leopard in a treepark on the 2nd of June the wildebeest migration had already left the area. This proved to be a blessing in disguise, as there were very few other safari vehicles in the area, and we were left almost alone to enjoy some rather spectacular wildlife viewing.

Over the three days we saw two leopards in trees with freshly killed Thomson’s gazelles. We saw a lioness catch a Thomson’s gazelle, and then try and fight off her sister who wanted a share in the spoils. We also saw cheetah attempt to hunt a Thomson’s gazelle, although her attempts were thwarted by following hyenas. The general wildlife in this area was in abundance.

One of the main Elelphant bull chasing a cowhighlights of the whole safari was one morning when we had just left a pride of fourteen lions, including ten cubs, lying up on a large granite whaleback. We came across several groups of elephant scattered across the plains and along the Ngamalyak River.

Elephants mating near Moru Kopjes

We then noticed some agitated behavior in one of the groups, and some of the elephants started running. One large bull started pursuing a female at high speed. After about a hundred yards he caught up with her, and she finally gave in, allowing him to mate with her. Elephant mating is something you seldom see, as it often takes place in thick bush. We laughed as it became clear to us that even with elephants, the ladies act hard to get, and the males have to do all the running!