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Journey Style

All our custom journeys are designed with the involvement and expertise of a skilled guide who has an integral knowledge of the area you will visit. However, we offer three distinct styles of journey mainly differing by how much guide involvement you wish, and your budget– Premium Style with a specialist A Step Ahead safari expert accompanying your throughout your safari, Classic Style where all or most activities are private, so you have your own experienced camp-based guide in each camp, and Standard Style where you you share activities with other guests, and have an experienced camp-based guide in each camp.

Premium Style – Accompanied by a specialist A Step Ahead multi-country Africa expert

This is how A Step Ahead began, and is where our expertise originated – by guiding our own safaris. On this private guided safari your specialist A Step Ahead guide accompanies you throughout the your journey, usually meeting you at the airport of arrival. We believe that the true journey of discovery lies not only in the places you stay, but most importantly in the guide who leads you. Our guides are among the very best in Africa.

Your A Step Ahead guide will be someone familiar with different parts of Africa (or Spain for those travelling with us in Europe), will have a broad knowledge of various fields, including wildlife and nature, but also incorporating other interests that could be anything from history to Swahili cuisine. He is well travelled, with experience and interests in other parts of the world as well as Africa or Spain.

Classic Style – Different experienced camp-based guides in each camp and private activities

This is a wonderful option for those wishing a more economical safari than the Premium Style safari accompanied by an A Step Ahead guide, because you also benefit from our expertise – designing the itinerary, and working on the intricate details that make a safari outstanding. You will be greeted by a local representative upon arrival in the country. In each camp you will have a different knowledgeable and experienced camp-based guide, and you will have your own vehicle and have private activities.

Standard Style – Different experienced camp-based guides in each camp and shared activities

This is best for couples or small groups who are keen to meet other travellers, and do not mind sharing activities.  Some people prefer to pay the premium for accommodation over having a specialist guide.  Most safaris these days, even in the most luxury establishments are this style. You will have a different guide in each location, and you will usually share activities with other guests staying at the camp or lodge. As in any shared activity you may at times have to compromise with other guests. For instance you may be with guests who have seen other antelope and primarily want to see the big cats, and your local guide may decide to focus on that for a couple of hours one day.  However your guide will be attuned to the various needs of the group, including your own, and will include you in his or her guiding plan for the day. Some people prefer this style of safari, and you often meet interesting people this way, making wonderful new friends.
In Europe we may have arranged transport or accommodation for you, and you plan the rest of your day as you wish.