Why A Step Ahead

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Our philosophy

First of all, we consider that our concept for A Step Ahead is an important one, being focused on the overall experience. A brief answer to this question can be found on our About Us page. For a more detailed answer to why you should travel with us read on…

Our reputation

We consider that our reputation is our biggest asset, and have found that 27% of our customers come with us on a repeat journey. Most of our business comes to us through recommendation from our clients.

Our background

Although A Step Ahead only started in 2009, Justin Bell was involved the set up of a mobile safari operation in Tanzania from 1989, has guided all over Africa, and he and Gillian Lyons have been designing specialized travel using our Wilderness Africa name since 1996. We are members of the African Travel and Tourism Association (Atta).

Our custom itineraries

We are a team of guides who spend most of our time in the areas we lead our journeys. So when we design your itinerary, we know what it was like camping in a particular spot last season. We remember where we saw the most game, and we adjust our itineraries according to experiences we have had in the past. We do not delegate this task to our booking or marketing personnel.


Despite being involved in the start-up or management of specific local outfitters, we do not feel obliged to use the facilities of any one outfitter, and recommend to our guests what we consider to be the best places and outfits for their specific safari. We often stay in different outfitter’s permanent tented camps or lodges, in exclusive mobile tented camps, small permanent tented camps, and in lighter weight truly mobile fly camps in really remote areas. For more information on the accommodations we offer, visit our Accommodations pages.


An expert tracker is aware of his quarry before actually sighting it. The signal might be a flock of oxpeckers taking flight, or signs of freshly stripped leaves from the bushes. The difference between a good safari and an exceptional one is all in the details. Details are what we focus on.


In order for wild areas and wildlife to thrive, it is imperative that the local inhabitants view these as beneficial to their livelihoods. We support projects that enable local communities to benefit through the income tourism and wildlife can generate.