Rusty ruddy reds and searing space-sky blues

My family and I have just come back from a safari in Namibia.

After years living next door to Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti we didn’t expect to be overwhelmed by the wildlife, and the quantity of wildlife could not compare with those moist East African lava-rich soils.

However we were truly amazed by the vitality and sheer toughness of wildlife we saw saw thriving in an unbelievably harsh environment. Springbok and gemsbok (oryx) scattered across rock-strewn shadeless shimmering giant frying pans.

Elephants ambling gently across deserts to the next patch of woodland – a riverbed or pan, where they would pick delicately at the brush and move on – not bulldoze through with the adrenaline rush and glee that comes with possesing sheer power they must sense in woodier lands.

Hartmann’s mountain zebra happily grazing on steep rocky slopes floating near and far in the dream-like heat shimmer, in an environment that would make you think of Mars rather than Earth.


(More photos on Facebook, search  :  Wilderness Africa)

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