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An afternoon with lions

A lioness starts as we arrive on the banks of the Ruaha River

While driving along the edge of the Ruaha River during a mid-morning game drive we came across a pride of lions fast asleep in the shade of an acacia, and decided to wait in the hope that a suitable animal would come down to drink. Continue reading

Dusk in Ruaha

In the distance, a vulture was landing in the midst of a thicket below a rain tree. Nearby we noticed a lioness with two cubs. She seemed preoccupied and focussed, heading in the direction of the rain tree. Continue reading

Zebras in the Mwagusi sand river

We camped on the edge of a sand river in the centre of Tanzania’s largest national park, Ruaha. Upon arrival at the campsite a herd of elephants were feeding on the trees on the far bank of the “river”. We lit a campfire on the beach, cooked dinner, and enjoyed the stars and sounds of the bush. The following morning we went for a game drive before catching our flight back to Arusha. We came across a “honeymoon couple” – … Continue reading

Scouting in central Tanzania

Recently my family joined me on safari in Ruaha national park in central Tanzania. I wanted to have a look at one of the few Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) in the country. WMAs are special areas put aside for wildlife protection by local communities with the aim that these communities earn revenue in a sustainable manner. Examples of activities in WMAs are photographic tourism, hunting, walking, night driving, and camping. Anything is possible as long as it is within the … Continue reading