A Family Safari

In December we went on a short family safari in the Serengeti.

So many things happenChanging a tyreed, but these images stand out most in my mind.

Ollie dancing while the tyre is changedOne day we had a puncture (flat), and Laurence (16) and Alana (13) fixed it, loosening the bolts, jacking up the Land-Rover, heaving the spare off its mount, and switching it with the flat one. Meanwhile our youngest daughter Ollie (6) practiced ballet movements on the Plains!

Another morning we encountered a poor young elephant bull who had lost part of his trunk in a snare, and was managing very well, but had to bend down more than most elephants, and used his tusks more often. We followed him a bit, until we arrived at a sausage tree full of lions. Typically, all were asleep when we arrived.

We spent a while watching both the bull elephant on one side, and the lions in the tree on the other side of the car. The adult lionesses hardly mLion cub in a tree looking out for an approaching elephantoved while we were there, slumped over the branches, but when the cubs realized there was this enormous bull elephant approaching their tree, they woke with a start and kept a very good eye on him. After a while the bull ambled onward, leaving the lions to their tree, and we left to see what other sights of the African bush would find us.



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