A green Green season

This December’s (2006) safari reminded me of what the “Short rains” used to be like in the 90s. While marvelling at the lush green landscapes and the frollicking antelope, my mind would switch to logistical preoccupations: “Can we cross the river?”, “Will we get to camp?”, “Which track should I use to get to point B?”.

Hippos fighting

The weather certainly gave us lots of practice getting out of sticky situations! By the end of the safari the kids had become experts, and had an idea whether we needed a shovel or to find sticks and bits of discarded wood.

While we weaved from one muddy hole to another we saw amazing sights. Highlights had to be the hippos fighting in Ngorongoro Crater, a huge male lion on a kill who later climbed a tree (I have never seen a big male lion climb a tree like that!), and hyenas chasing each other for bits of a kill.

I think the kids liked running up and down the black barchan dune called “Shifting Sands”, and having Maasai spear throwing competition in camp!

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