Lions mating 2

Mating lions

My younger daughter has been on safari several times. However, since she was two years old, when we moved to Spain, these experiences have…

The caracal

A Small Cat Hunts

The Land-cruiser stopped so that we could watch a group of chattering banded mongooses rushing across the track.

Every now and then one would stand on his hind legs and look around in case there was danger. While there one of us noticed a water monitor lizard lounging over an acacia branch above us. He seemed to have an ideal spot to enjoy a cool breeze, and we wouldn’t have noticed him if we hadn’t been parked underneath him. Then something flashed past the front of the Land-Cruiser, and a second later we heard the squealing of a distraught mongoose.

Leopard Luck

As we drove slowly towards our camp in the Moru kopjes area of the Serengeti we passed a herd of zebra that were moving…

An elephant sized meal

Another season of poor rainfall, and the Serengeti Plains were dry and already a tawny brown colour. Herds of Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles grazed…

On Predators and Prey

The wildebeest migration was in full swing, with animals moving every couple of days because the lack of rain was forcing them to look…