African Safari

A Family Safari

In December we went on a short family safari in the Serengeti. So many things happened, but these images stand out most in my…

Nature’s Balancing Act

Nature is often seemingly extremely harsh or cruel, but putting our values onto Mother Nature is meaningless. Nature has a way, through every action…

Cat on the roof

As we sat watching her, one of her young cubs approached us in a manner that indicated he had an unusual fascination with the vehicle.

Who will be President?

We disembark onto the beach and are welcomed to one of the most remote camps in Africa. The waves lapping gently onto the sandy shore are rhythmical and peaceful, but the atmosphere in camp is electric. Talk is centred on who will be the next President. Of course, this camp is not on the arid shores of the Libyan desert, and the executed President was not Muammar Gaddafi.

A lioness starts as we arrive on the banks of the Ruaha River

An afternoon with lions

While driving along the edge of the Ruaha River during a mid-morning game drive we came across a pride of lions fast asleep in the shade of an acacia, and decided to wait in the hope that a suitable animal would come down to drink.

The gnu

The gnu

The Serengeti is a vast ecosystem involving a myriad of players. However the star of the show must go to one of the most eccentric of all the protagonists ….